Flux MES –

The intelligent networking 

between man, machine and system

Our solutions for your needs

In the age of Industry 4.0 and the ever-faster world of production, as a successful company it is of great importance to know its processes and to be able to react quickly to changing conditions.

In the production of products, digitization and networking of people, machines and systems is no longer thinkable.


Naisone GmbH presents itself as a competent partner - doing the right thing right.


Intelligent data management, scalable structures and state-of-the-art technologies enable targeted data retrieval in the shortest possible time.


No matter if it's a small company or a large company structure - Flux MES adapts dynamically to the local conditions.


Flux MES fits seamlessly into your existing system landscape and supplements it on the right spots.

Discover the possibilities offered by Flux MES:

Production Planning

From rough planning to detailed planning - Just in time and resource-saving production.

Process Scheduling

Optimal material and production flow for more transparency in production.

Material Management

Optimal raw material supply and application planning of semi-finished products.

Object Tracking

Trace material quickly and easily in real time.

Shift Management

Ideal layer-related planning of resources.

Process Data Acquisition

Digital data acquisition instead of paper chaos.

Process Data Visualization

Targeted process optimization through KPI formation and analyzes.

Production Visualization

The entire production with all information at a glance.

System Connections

Simple data exchange between Flux MES and external systems.

Together to success


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