Object Tracking


Provide information about a product at any time 

When, where and with which components?

What is my product made of? Where were the parts installed?
If defective parts are in circulation, which products are affected?
All of these are questions that are answered with object tracking. You can track your material in production in real time, identify work steps, and find out what exactly happened to resources and materials.

The object flow deals with the flow of materials and resources through production. The finer and more detailed the capture - whether manual or automated - the clearer processes and links of individual objects. For each product you know where it comes from, what it is made of and what it was subsequently processed for. This allows you to understand the processes in your production, to detect irregularities and to sketch timelines.

Even with large amounts of data, the search for objects is powerful, since requested data structures are reduced to the essentials. Thanks to object tracking, you do not have to spend a lot of time. With just a few clicks, you get all the information you need quickly and easily.