Process Data Visualization

A clear preparation of your key performance indicators to meaningfully evaluate your production data

Not that the volume of the recorded production data is decisive, but its meaningful evaluation is. In order to be able to intervene in the process in a targeted manner, information first needs to be prepared in key indicators and evaluations. Only those who know the current state and the contexts, can act accordingly meaningful.

All recorded data is visually and user-friendly processed. The visualization helps to recognize data patterns and to correlate them with the system state. This means problems are detected more quickly and can be resolved during operation. Analyzes of weak points, the order history, planned and final costings as well as many other evaluations are available to you - whether in visual form or in written form - at the push of a button.

Define your indicators to optimally monitor production and respond faster to disruptions. A measure of the added value of a plant can be determined, for example, with the total site effectiveness (OEE). Use the OEE to see the productivity of a plant at a glance.