Process Scheduling

Based on defined processes, Flux MES supports you in planning that is optimally tailored to your needs.

With Flux MES, each article knows which machine or machine group it can be made on and decides for itself how the ideal path through production is, and can predict when the item will be delivered to the customer.

Each article is described by a variety of attributes that make each one unique in its manufacturing process. In the planning, it is checked which machines fulfill these requirements and what the optimal path through the production looks like. If several machines meet the requirements, these are displayed to the planner, who can decide whether to manufacture on just one machine or in parallel.

By using semi-finished products, the process flow can be changed or optimized in cost or time. The planner can decide for each production step whether he wants to use existing semi-finished products. The resulting time or cost savings is displayed to the user directly.

Before an order is added to production planning, the system checks the process flow.